Margaret Pate

Margaret Pate

Accounting Specialist

Margaret Pate has over 10 years of experience in accounting, as well as a vast knowledge and training in office management services. Intelligent and forthright, her uplifting personality and her dedication to customer service help make her an undeniably great asset to the company. Margaret is a native to the Atlanta area and in her free time loves spending her free time with family.

Property Accounting

Margaret Pate joined the POSolutions team in 2014. She brought to the team 10 years of experience in accounting as well as a vast knowledge in office management. Her background in project management for a constructions team has been a perfect fit here. Her uplifting personality and dedication to customer service makes her a great asset to the company. Margaret is a native to the Atlanta area and loves spending time with her three kids, is also very passionate about music and arts.

One of the Association and Property Management principles that Margaret helps PO Solutions continue to permeate is the continued trust we share with our valuable clients. As our client relationships develop, the level of trust increases through competency, efficiency, and results, and in our clients eyes we become increasingly better managers. Currently, our client retention rate is around 98%. This simply doesn’t happen if you have a company full of people who drop the ball with Association Management and Property Accounting services. But PO Solutions actually has clients that have been with us from the beginning of our business venture. PO Solutions has won many awards for excellent service over our business lifespan. And with fine folks like Margaret Pate on board, we just keep getting better and better over time.

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