What to Expect when You’re Prospecting

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What to Expect when You’re Prospecting

There are some key questions to ask when you’re looking to hire a Property Management Company:

Are they experienced?

To ensure a quality HOA experience, you should always seek a Management company with experience. If someone has been performing a particular set of skills for a long time, and they have been successful at that, they either (a) have great people around them, or (b) they’re good at what they do. In all likelihood, a successful external management firm, with a long history of successful Association and Property Management situations, is probably good at both. If for some reason, they’ve managed to fake their way through management contract after management contract, you’ll be able to sniff that out pretty quickly. So when you’re interviewing a potential property management representative, consider having several of your associates meet the delegates, and look over their body of work. That way, you can see their experience is legitimate, and this very well might be the company for you.

Are they qualified?

You may have very specific association management needs, or your needs for a property management company might be fully-comprehensive. Either way, you need someone who can handle the job. If they have a negative track record for HOA Accounting, or Membership Management, you should be able to discover that fairly quickly. Not everyone is going to be masterfully adept at everything. But the most successful companies make a habit of highlighting what they are best at, all while keeping the talented personnel around who is skilled at Property Management partnering.

Are they flexible?

If a company leads in with a list of what they will not do, you may want to consider other offers. Hot-button issues for property management companies are often the sign of a weakness in their structure. Is there skillset and scope of services diverse? Are they willing to impart individual aspects of their capabilities, or do they demand you take the whole enchilada? If a company is insistent on YOU doing things THEIR way, you may want to look for a company with the ability, and flexibility, to handle your specific needs.

Do their capabilities fit your HOA needs?

If a property management firm is highly-rated for Architectural Enforcement, but you need assistance with your HOAs Collections Program, make sure they can handle the job you need them for. A basketball player that can shoot 3’s is a great thing to have around, unless you need somebody for a dunk contest. So check out what the potential management company is great at, then compare that with your most necessary needs and wants. Don’t lose focus! Get what you need!

Can they bring the results you need?

If a Property or Association Management team that you’re interviewing has as many terminated management contracts as they do companies worked for, you might be able to gather that they have great intentions, but can’t seem to finish the jobs they’re hired for. Ability to successfully administrate the Association Management skills that you’re looking to hire means that you’ve found a “keeper.” PO Solutions has been bringing results to Metro Atlanta, West Georgia, North Georgia, and Middle Georgia for well over 15 years. If you want experience from qualified, flexible agents who are specifically trained to meet your full or partial spectrum of needs, do yourself a favor. Call or contact PO Solutions today! We can help you achieve the HOA results you’re looking for!

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