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If you own or have been commissioned as the managing partner for a recently reacquired property by means of residential or commercial foreclosure, you might be in need of high quality REO Property Preservation services. If you want the best, look no further than PO Solutions! For well over 15 years, we have been Metro Atlanta’s favorite choice Elite Property Management Services, including Association Management, HOA Management, and REO Maintenance Services. Our Real Estate Owned Management clients would characterize our service professionals as prompt, skilled, capable, and thorough. You might get away with subcontracting a local kid to occasionally cut the grass at a foreclosure you’ve been commissioned to manage. But what happens when damage has occurred to outside walls, steps, chimneys, interior walls, ceilings, or other property structures? You need trained, licensed, repair professionals. You need PO Solutions!

For your General Building Maintenance services, PO Solutions has everything you need to secure the REO Property Preservation requirements and desires of the financial institution, investment firm, government agency, or real estate affiliate who owns the property you have been commissioned to manage. PO Solutions can provide you with a unique, comprehensive source of services that will allow you to more effectively manage and maintain your property. If your property is a residential foreclosure, the property may very well have been left in unsatisfactory condition. Or perhaps a commercial foreclosure you manage had a plumbing or HVAC emergency, and because it was left unattended, you now have hundreds of square feet of flooring to repair and replace. PO Solutions is your #1 resource for all things inside the scope of REO Property Preservation. Some companies stop their service offerings at the point of light construction, carpentry, or masonry. But PO Solutions is no average Property Preservation company! We have the skill, experience, and training to manage your light construction needs.

For well over 15 years, PO Solutions has been Metro Atlanta, West Georgia, Middle Georgia, and North Georgia’s #1 fully-comprehensive resource for Real Estate Owned Property Preservation services. We have the most extensive, complete set of full-service property preservation General Building Maintenance service options for all your REO Maintenance needs, including drywall, concrete, and masonry services. We have the tools, experience, and personnel to effectively manage your light construction projects, and coordinate the necessary manpower, materials, and equipment you need to successfully complete your Property Preservation and Restoration Project. Call or Contact PO Solutions to see what we can do for you today!

POSolutions is currently a Certified Women Owned Business. Certified WBE/WOSB thru Greater Women’s Business Council, a certified LSBE-MSA in DeKalb County, a certified FBE/AAAB/MBE with the City of Atlanta.

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