Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

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The Janitorial Services for a recently acquired REO property you now own or manage is a vital part of ensuring and maintaining the value of your property. Far too often, foreclosed property is left in quite a state of disarray. Regardless of the reasons why this occurs, or the extent to which the property might be trashed, PO Solutions has all the REO Services you need, including handling the initial and ongoing cleaning of the property you now manage. While real estate companies, or the financial institutions whose properties they manage, might or might not provide major upgrades or renovations to newly reacquired properties, they do not want the value of the property to diminish because of failure to conduct initial & ongoing cleaning.

PO Solutions can ensure that your property complies completely with government regulations regarding the state of your property. Real Estate Owned properties are held to a very specific standard, and there is very little compromise with those standards and practices. PO Solutions, and our remarkable 15+ years of REO Services, will help ensure that you not only meet, but exceed the regulations in place for REO property.

Whether you have recently obtained ownership or management of a foreclosed residential or commercial property, or whether you have managed an unfortunate foreclosure for years, the same regulatory stipulations apply to your property. So if your property wasn’t properly “trashed out” in the beginning of the ownership transfer process, you could be held liable to the same kind of government penalty as if you did not properly maintain the legal cleanliness of the property. So as you can see, there is much more involved in the process of commercial and residential property management and maintenance REO Services. PO Solutions can help you administrate every aspect of your Real Estate Owned property management requirements, so you can focus on what’s really important to you, the redistribution of your assets. As long as you own/operate it, the financial institution is not creating new reoccurring revenues. Their goal, and the goal distributed to you, is to keep these property maintained, and in quality condition, so that it can be reassigned for potential income generation. PO Solutions can help you with all these REO Services and foreclosed residential property management services, including the initial and ongoing cleaning services. Call or Contact us today, and see what PO Solutions can do for you!

POSolutions is currently a Certified Women Owned Business. Certified WBE/WOSB thru Greater Women’s Business Council, a certified LSBE-MSA in DeKalb County, a certified FBE/AAAB/MBE with the City of Atlanta.

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