Collections Program

Collections Program

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PO Solutions is excited to offer our award winning Association Management Services to Property Owners, HOA boards, and all other resident associations who are looking for top-shelf management services. With over 15 years of experience in financial management, as well as policy, compliance, and supervisory services, no other Association Management firm can do as much for you than PO Solutions. We specialize in helping homeowner associations and property owners successfully manage their new or existing enterprises. Many times, we have been called into a situation in which the former property management team was considered unsatisfactory. Without fail, PO Solutions helps to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of both the association or property owners, and the clients which make up their association. Keeping everything legal, organized, civil, and professional is our #1 priority.

PO Solutions can bring Metro Atlanta’s #1 most professional collections program to your property or association in the event of member discrepancies. Our scope of services is extensive and comprehensive. If member delinquencies are making your property management or association management difficult to deal with, we have a full service collections and recovery team that will promptly, tactfully, and completely address any lingering member delinquencies. We find that dealing with both parties in a professional, timely, and clear manner serves to generate the best path to member reconciliation. It is important for us to preserve all relationships involved, while still bringing satisfactory results for all members of your association. That is why our Collections Program is designed to specifically meet your needs, as professionally as possible.

PO Solutions works hard to remedy any collections situation by performing extensive preliminary measures, designed to keep homeowners organized, informed, and involved in the collections process. Quite often, association members cite poor communication as one of the primary reasons for membership delinquencies. When you choose to work with PO Solutions for your Property Management or Association Management, no Homeowner will remain uninformed. We go to great lengths to ensure due process is performed before any collections program needs to be initiated. It’s our proven “fix it before it’s broken” method of communication to all involved parties. If you’re weary of this aspect, or any other aspect of your Association Management solutions, including the initiation of a necessary collections program, don’t wait! Call or Contact PO Solutions today, and see what we can do for you!

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